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Jack Charlton - Thanks for the memories

The Tyneside Irish Centre is saddened by the passing of Jack Charlton. We send our sincerest condolences to Pat and the family. Jack was a good friend to us and a life member. He was a man of honour and maybe old-fashioned values. Checking an arrangement to come to our centre he replied: When I say I will do it means I will do it!

He was loyal to a fault and he prized loyalty in others. That is why he loved Ireland. When he was briefly the Newcastle United manager a section of the “supporters” turned against him and he walked away. He was offended and rightly so. Their loss was Ireland’s gain and his achievement went far beyond creating a wonderful team. In the darkest days of troubles and economic woes, he gave us all hope and something to sing about. And he did sing, and he did love the Irish music. Farewell Jack and thanks for everything.

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