Membership Renewal

It's fantastic that you are looking to renew your membership and continue to support the Irish Centre. We have exciting news about renewals this year as well as fundraising plans:


You will all be aware of the huge impact the COVID crisis has had on the hospitality sector and in line with every business depending on functions, entertainment and sport our Irish Centre has suffered too. Bills for the building have continued to come in and, with no income to meet them, we have had to borrow to survive. In short, the lockdown has caused us to lose in excess of a hundred thousand pounds but we are confident we can survive and bounce back. We have and will explore every avenue of funding and grants available but crucially we now need the help of our loyal members and friends.

At this time we are usually collecting subscriptions and issuing cards to our members. For many reasons especially the lockdown, this is almost impossible this year. We have therefore decided to post cards FREE to all our current members, but in return ask them to support one or both of our fund-raising schemes which are detailed below. Of course, you may also wish to pay your subscription which would be appreciated - the online renewal form will be online soon.


We are asking members to send us ten pounds. This will entitle you to one chance in ALL the 10 MONTHLY DRAWS held from March to December 2021.  You can of course buy two or more chances by paying 20, 30 OR MORE in multiples of ten.The pot from each draw will be split as follows 50% to our Development Fund and 50% divided between prizes (35% first, 10% second and 5% third).


We aim to build a Friends organisation which will provide support on an ongoing basis. The proposed subscription for this will be £60 per annum single or £100 per couple (this could be in three or four instalments). Friends may join the scheme at any time.

BENEFITS to Friends will include free memberships, priority bookings for popular events, special discounts on promotions and invitations to monthly events with an opportunity to network with the Irish Community.

HOW TO JOIN AND PAY - Choose your plan by clicking here


Initially funds raised will be used for vital work to re-open the centre as a popular and profitable business and as a meeting hub for the Irish Community in the region which has responded so magnificently to the COVID crisis. Briefly, the committee aim to “reclaim” the ground floor as an authentic Irish venue and to carry out essential works in the building. Money from these schemes will be ring-fenced in the DEVELOPMENT ACCOUNT. Several other funding initiatives are in place and will be reported to members as soon as a general meeting can be called safely.

If you are still in a position to pay for your membership, and you would prefer to do that rather than buy into the fundraising schemes, we will add our renewal form shortly.

If you have already paid for a 2021 renewal you will be contacted about options asap - there is an option to obtain a refund and choose a scheme outlined above.