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2023 Membership will remain valid until 28th February 2024

Renewals Start in January 2023


RENEWALS – The Management Committee has decided that the fee to RENEW subscriptions will be £12 per year. Members over 65 or unwaged will still be asked to pay £6.00. Members over 70 with 20 years unbroken credit will be free to renew please contact the office.

NEW MEMBERS - The fee for new members will be £20.00 and £10.00 for those over 65 or unwaged.

LOYALTY CARDS – You MUST be a member to obtain a Loyalty Card. These can be obtained on renewal or from the office on payment of £10.00. Older cards are still valid. The current discount is at  7.5% on advice from our Stocktaker.

Membership renewals, discount cards and applications can be done by post, email or via the website. Personal applications can be made at the centre office on the following times from January 6th to February 28th (subject to Covid restrictions):
SATURDAY 6.30PM-8.00PM ALSO 2 hours prior to NUFC home games.

FUNDRAISING – Once again we are appealing to our 2,200 members to support the club. There are two schemes open to all members and friends and we hope you will join one or both.

(1) 50/50 DRAW

There will be TEN DRAWS in 2024 starting in March and drawn on the FIRST WEEK every month till December. For TEN POUNDS you are entered in all TEN DRAWS but you can buy as many units of TEN as you like. FIFTY per cent of the total pot is given back in prizes and the other fifty to the fund.

(2) FOTIC – Friends of Tyneside Irish Centre

Members who joined FOTIC last year will continue to be members but will need to renew their club membership.

Fees to join this year are £60 per individual £100 per couple. For this you will get free membership(s) of the TIC 2023 plus a discount card(s). You will also get priority tickets for selected events and TWO special events. Above all you will be helping to keep us up, running and moving forwards.

To join FOTIC please look on the website
Phone the office with a debit card or send us a cheque to The Tyneside Irish Centre - marked FOTIC on the back.

Thanks for your continuing support in these difficult times.


Vincent Wynne - Chair

Tony Corcoran - Secretary

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