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AGM 2020


The AGM will be held on WEDNESDAY 25TH MARCH at 7.30pm in the Concert Room at the centre.

The main business will be to receive the financial report and elect the Management Committee.

Nomination forms are now available from the office Members of the committee are elected for two years. Those retiring this year and eligible for re-election are:-

David Douglass

Celia Hall

Maureen Jalali

Irene Little

Jean MacKinnon

Tommy McClements

Tommy More

Abina O’Driscoll

Vin Wynne

The officers are elected annually. Present post holders are:-

Monica Bishop (Chair)

Patrick Martin (Vice Chair)

Dermot Winters (Treasurer)

NOMINATION FORMS must be returned to the office duly signed by Wednesday 11th March 2020. Motions relevant to the business of the AGM must be signed by a mover and seconder and received to the office 48 hours prior to the meeting.

Tony Corcoran



Company Registration 28346R

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