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Irish Centre Fighting Back writes Tony Corcoran

For 36 years we have kept the flag flying in the heart of Newcastle but the COVID crisis has

had us on the ropes. Thanks to our members and friends we are staging a strong fightback

and our committee has backed a plan which envisages us opening in phases from June/July

with a major relaunch planned for October. The response to our financial appeal has been

amazing and heartwarming and you can follow the running total on our website. I apologise to

all of you who couldn’t get through on the phone but please do call back Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings 9.00 -12.30.

If you were a member of the Centre in 2020 you should have received your 2021 red card:

contact us if you have not, on 0191 261 00384 or We are

processing new member applications now and will be looking at 2019 members next. If you

used to be a member and want to rejoin please get in touch. New members can apply online.

Don’t forget to register for our monthly draws before the first one on Sunday 28th March. For

only £10 you get one chance in all the 10 monthly draws held from March to December 2021. Of course you can buy more chances by buying more tickets. 50% goes to the development fund and 50% for prizes. Many people have signed up for our Friends scheme at £60 per person and £100 per couple including membership and loyalty card. Others have just sent donations: they are very welcome as well of course.


We are planning some radical changes when we re-open including providing hot food and a tea and coffee service downstairs. There are also plans to upgrade the toilets, the lighting, the flooring, furnishings and décor but most important is to cater for the needs of our members. A survey is planned but if you have ideas, likes and dislikes please let us know now.

AGM 2021

The Management Committee are anxious to call the annual meeting as soon as it is safe to do so. There will also be a general meeting to report on events following the sparsely attended AGM last September. More information will be posted on our website.

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