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November Days

It’s been a busy time here in the Irish Centre throughout October and November. We have had some massive nights with NUFC – thank goodness they’re winning again- and Celtic fans and we truly value their support. The Irish Festival came and went leaving a raft of new friends from Ireland. Among them were “Ye Vagabonds”, the Carlow brothers who played for President Higgins inauguration shortly after and Kevin Morrin, a great singer in the Luke Kelly tradition from County Kildare. I’m delighted to tell you he and his band are back with us on St. Patrick’s Day 2019.

Another fine singer, our own Liam Turner, drew a lively crowd on Sunday 11th November, when he launched his new album here. It’s well worth a tenner for the Christmas and Liam is here every Monday night in the bar and for his shows as advertised on our website.

We are honoured to be included in the Being Human Festival. Now in its fifth year this is organised by universities throughout the UK and is a celebration of the humanities. The event here on Friday 23rd November is called Dead Famous and it’s an entertainment not a lecture. Book a free place online at It runs from 7pm to 9pm.

A great Irish scholar and an inspirational priest, Fr James Walsh of Hebburn, used to quote to me the Latin poet Virgil. (No. He didn’t play for Celtic!)“Throughout this life there runs a vale of tears” There are no happy times without sad ones.

That has certainly been borne out by two tragic deaths recently. I refer to the untimely loss of two of our young members: Gillian Tolfrey and Glen Dixon.

Gillian was a gifted musician and played her fiddle every Thursday session here right to the end. Glen was also a highly-regarded academic and a regular here at the Celtic games. Our thoughts are with their families and friends.

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