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I am sorry to inform you that the committee on Monday 3rd February agreed to very SIGNIFICANT PRICE RISES. From 10th February we will no longer have the £2.50 promotions. However, members can still obtain good value by purchasing a DISCOUNT CARD which takes 10% off all prices.

A full illustrative price list will be posted which will show:


Lagers £3.20 pp £3.60 pp £2.88/£3.24

Cider £3.20 pp £3.60 pp £2.88/£3.24

J Smiths £2.80 pp £3.40 pp £2.52/£3.06

Guinness £3.90 pp £4.50 pp £3.51/£4.05

Cask Ale £3.00 pp £3.20 pp £2.70/£2.88

Tetley £2.70 pp £3.00 pp £2.43/£2.70

Hop House £3.80 pp £4.40 pp £3.42/£3.96

Other prices are in line with this percentage.


These are available from the office by showing or quoting your membership card.

Holders are ADVISED that misuse of their card by passing on to non-members is traceable on our system. Systematic abuse will lead to the blocking of the card.

Tony Corcoran



Company Registration 28346R

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