The reaction to the recent TV documentary, The DNA of Ant and Dec, has rocked the Tyneside Irish Centre with people phoning and mailing in their hundreds. Two years in the making, the programme traced the famous duo’s ancestry back from their early days in Newcastle discovering long-lost cousins in Ireland and the States. Dec, of course, is well- aware of his Irish heritage (or some of it as the show proved). His father and mother, Phonsie and Anne, came from Tyrone and County Derry to manage the Tyneside Irish Centre in the 1970’s. Declan and his brother , now Rev. Father Dermot, sang their first ballads as boy sopranos at the “Round the Fire” sessions at the centre’s then home in Westmorla

November News

The Irish Centre is received the biggest publicity boost in its history when the Ant and Dec ancestry programme was aired on ITV on Sunday 10th (9pm – 10.30pm). It was filmed way back in May 2017 so at least we looked a bit younger. As the yearend looms we inevitably look back. It’s been a tough trading period, not only for us, but also for clubs, pubs, and restaurant retailers everywhere. Thankfully with the hard work of our staff we have our heads above the watermark and are planning for the future. Shortly the committee will announce a number of consultative meetings to discuss positive proposals for the redevelopment of the ground floor and other improvements in the premises. I am keenly

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