Tyneside Irish Festival 2018

The Tyneside Irish festival has reached its thirty-second milestone making it the longest-running event of this type in Britain. In our early days we were able to stage performers like Christy Moore, but these have now become mainstream and way beyond our budget. We therefore aim to target a selection of the huge list of talented artists emerging in today’s Ireland. Some go quickly to the big stage e.g. Beoga, our 2016 headliners, joined with Ed Sheeran at Glastonbury. This year we have packaged all our excellent traditional music acts into one ‘Big Trad Weekend’ from 19th to 21st of October. We hope some of you will come to the lot for a mere £30. They are fantastic musicians and most have

Tyneside Irish Centre
43 Gallowgate Street
Newcastle upon Tyne

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